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Neurology is the medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and medical treatment of nervous system problems. And with this, the care of our noblest organs: The brain, together with the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system, orchestrate the proper functioning of our body, a decisive balance for our well-being.

It is not surprising, then, that the symptoms and diseases that affect the nervous system are a source of great concern for those who suffer them, and for those close to them. Our personality, our feelings, our memories and our ability to adapt to the demands of the environment and face the challenges of life, reside in it.

Fortunately, and despite the enormous complexity and mystery that still characterize this exciting specialty, there have been spectacular diagnostic and therapeutic advances in recent years, at a frenetic pace, significantly increasing the probability of finding a response to symptoms, reaching an accurate diagnosis, and applying a curative treatment or, at least, capable of generating relief in pursuit of the best possible quality of life.

On this website, my patients will have the opportunity to get to know me better and stay informed about my professional career, at the same time that they will have access to a truthful, simple and disinterested information of the main diagnostic and therapeutic novelties that arise.

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