March 24th, 2023

Dr. De la Cruz participates in the Annual Congress of the Stroke RICORS (Health Results-Oriented Cooperative Research Network) of the Carlos III Health Institute, held on March 23th and 24th at the “12 de Octubre” University Hospital (Madrid). Research papers of the highest level have been presented. In many cases, with immediate or imminent application in the care of our patients: Intravenous fibrinolysis can prevent cognitive and mood problems that result from minor stroke, so we must use it despite an apparent low deficit; intra-arterial rTPA after thrombus removal by mechanical thrombectomy seems to improve cerebral perfusion and patient prognosis; we are finally approaching an effective neuroprotective drug, which will help us to reduce the sequelae of brain infarction; and we are fully immersed in the medicine of big data, artificial intelligence and deep learning, but personalized neurology is more necessary than ever at the same time.