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Dr. De la Cruz coordinates the I Meeting of Heads of the Neurology Department of Andalusia.

The FARO Project, “Secondary prevention in atherosclerotic vascular disease in Andalusia: Interdisciplinary position document” has been published

The protocol “Recommendations for the follow-up of post-stroke patients” has been published

Dr. De la Cruz presents the FARO document at the annual meeting of the Andalusian Society of Neurology.

Dr. De la Cruz participates in the “Know Your Epilepsy” conference, organized by AMADE (“Epilepsy Association of Málaga”)

Dr. De la Cruz takes over as Head of the Neurology Department at Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital of Málaga, after the mandatory public competition of merits and management projects.

Dr. De la Cruz is designated as an expert in the second medical opinion program of the Andalusian Public Health System.