Among the so-called primary headaches (those that are not due to a brain injury), the best known and most frequent is tension headache, referring to the adjective to “psychic tension”, due to stress or mental overload, that produce it, and migraine , with a more complex mechanism, and that produces intense, even disabling, episodes that can significantly interfere with people’s lives. Both these and other less frequent primary headaches have a growing and more effective therapeutic arsenal, which allows their control and reconciliation with a full life.

In some cases, however, it is a secondary headache, that is, a consequence of a brain injury, even a “tumor” or an aneurysm, situations, among others, in which an early diagnosis can be decisive in the vital and functional prognosis of the person.

The neurological interview and physical examination are usually sufficient to diagnose a primary headache. But if there are doubts, or warning signs indicative of a secondary origin, the neurologist will indicate the most convenient test to detect or rule out brain injury.

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