Sleep disorders

Our sleep changes in a very significant way from when we are born until we reach an advanced age. It is normal that over the years the quality of sleep is perceived as diminished compared to previous ages, and that the duration of the period while we remain asleep without waking up spontaneously at night gets shortened.

However, there are numerous situations in which sleep is disturbed in a pathological way, both by default (insomnia) and excess (hypersomnia), and even with more complex alterations, such as sleep conduct disorders or abnormal movements. All of them are situations that interfere very significantly in the quality of life of the person, and of the partner. In these situations, making an accurate diagnosis of the problem is the only way to apply the appropriate measures aimed to restore its normality and quality.

In addition, on some occasions, the sleep disorder is the first manifestation of a more complex disease, for example, Parkinson’s disease, so its correct identification allows us to anticipate the diagnosis of the underlying disease, whose most well-known symptoms can appear years later.

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